The 10% have never owned a bigger piece of the USA pie.

DJCFD:DJI   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
"Let's Bail out the banks that gambled"
- Federal Reserve , 2008
- George W. Bush, 2008

"Let's send everyone to uni and push them into debt for the rest of their lives"
- Idiots

I mainly used the fed for my sources. I also used the site statista.
The internet is so useless it is all mixed up and often contradictory, so I just stick to those...
They don't say everything thought... Anoying.
I wish I was running my own fund and had people doing this for me :D
If I ever do I won't post on tv for free I guess.

Numbers for 2018 & 2019 are not out but I bet how much wealth the top 1% have got to 40%!
It was over 38% in 2016.

The rich (10%) got richer in the past decades but... The 90% did not! They even got poorer!

I am not here to bring solutions or explain why we got there.
What I am here to do is speculate on wether or not this will explode (yes duh), when (who knows, maybe soon), how big the fireworks will be (huge), and when to buy (later) - if ever. I sure do not think it is a good idea to invest now...
And I do not want to make a super long post also.

The GINI index is not as high, but I am not sure if this is accurate and how it should be interpreted.

No wonder:
- Socialists in America are back to 1940 levels
- Gambling on cryptocurrencies became so popular (21% of students used their "no question asked" loans for this...)
- White nationalism on the rise too, but not as big and dangerous as stated by the biased mass media (+there is a demographic change scaring them)
- So much divide tension violence (lethal and non lethal)

Can't predict the future. Civil war? United states separated in 2, 3, 4, 5 countries/unions? Recovery? Fall just like the soviet union? I think there will probably be a big depression. But other than that we'll have to wait and see what happens on an investing perspective. Meanwhile central banks forcing people to invest... When everything is in a bubble. They're just so cancer. If their heads end up on spikes I'll laugh, their own faults.

The crazy part is not the wealth gap, it's that the 90% did not get more income or wealth in the past 35 years! It actually went down! They are even in debt now, living paycheck to paycheck. Not just the poorest 30% are living paycheck to paycheck, even the middle class if we can still call it that.

If the clowns running the show lower rates or do whatever to give us more inflation (without wages increases of course) more bubble more inequality more cancer it will end very very badly. Are they that stupid? This HAS to be a conspiracy! These clowns want to create a nuclear war before their death? They're all like 75, wouldn't surprise me.

Going to quote someone from Twitter:
"Recessions clear out leverage and put inefficient companies out of business, making room for new, more efficient companies (often started by young people) to enter the market. Recessions are vital to long term healthy economy. If you try to prevent recessions you get a depression."

So anyway, clearly, as I said since I started posting on this site full of crypto clowns & trolls, populism did go up, things did get worse. We are so not in 2008 or 1987, this is a clear 1930s all over again. Probably worse.

So we need a great reset now... And the old people that caused all of this will be gone, how great.

People are left with their backs against the wall and with nothing to lose at that point.

Well, we will see. Even with negative rates I think now is no time to invest, and "buying the dip" won't be either. Dow could go lower than 10,000 points.
We won't see 30k for more than a quarter of a century (unless we see it soon & before the depression collapse duh).
Prices will get very cheap. No need to try catching the bottom, might as well make sure things are looking good.

There will be bounces, people are going to regret "missing the bottom", there will be calls that the worse is behind us, but the ones buying these "bottoms" will get burned several time until the real one. The most successful investors in the world have understood early that there is no point chasing the bottom (talking about investing, not short term speculating that is different), they rely instead on other indicators (the price compared to value of a business as well as projected value & earnings , dividends paid, potential, risk, global economic & politic outlook, and other things but same idea as what I list here like for example management is important but just because of risk - a dishonest greedy CEO is bad - and projected value/ earnings /dividends).

In the 60s 70s 80s not sure exactly when but most of that time the economy was crazy good, returns were high, even for leaving money in the bank, dividends were huge, and all this while the middle class was at its best (of course just as in everything there are limits it would not be good if they had like everything).
Back in the late 80s when Warren Buffet bought a part of coca-cola they were paying dividends of nearly 15%, 4 times a year. You got your money back in less than 2 years even if the share price went to zero, as long as the company did not stop making money. That's crazy!

A strong economy relies on a strong middle class, not a starving indebted one. That's when you invest greedily.
Comment: This is nuts
Comment: The rise of social justice mornic ideas and cryptocurrencies explained in 1 quote. Seriously.

"New Study Links Fluoride To Lower IQs"

Huge. Makes a difference of 3.7 points, 4.5 in boys.
Comment: I just want to say that alot of the charts and what people say is wrong and irrelevant.
When talking about the top 10% and how rich they are getting it is wrong.
The top 5% are the rich getting richer. And tip of the spear is not "the 1%" it is gradual within the 5% there is not sudden gap, thought it gets exponential and the 0.001% or something like that is far up.

So what really matters are the top 5% and the middle class.
I think the middle class would be top 50% approximately, maybe 55 or 60%.
The ones at the top of the middle class are better off than the ones at the top and it could be divided but it makes more sense to put the top 5 to 10% with the middle class.

It's always called the "10%" because it is a round number and sounds good...

And what about the bottom 50%? They are irrelevant.

- 12.5% of americans have a disability. How much of the working force? 5%?
- How many students are there? Maybe 1 in 4 of those 50%? Something like that. Is it shocking that they earn little and don't save money, just have enoguh to pay for living expenses while they're studying.
- How many in this bottom 50% - well the 25% left - just started working and are still junior?
- Sad but not anyone's fault, veterans that did not aquire skills in demand in the civilian world are here too.
- Then you have sexual abusers etc, they live in trailer parks and barely have enough money to go by
- Add in part time workers.
- Now what is left of that bottom 50%? 1/5? You got to be realistic and admit there are some people that made bad choices, are lazy, antisocial, etc. Simply put, losers.

And here you have it. There is a good reason the bottom 50% have such a small share of the wealth.
They still get to vote so they can't be too bad off, or gooo Bernie Sanders.
(Alot of these 50% a're not the brightest obviously).
Comment: Can either be a virtuous or vicious circle.

I suggest watching the short film "How The Economic Machine Works" by Ray Dalio.

Only 1 more week to go where nothing happens... 1 little more effort.
And then the fun will begin. I hope every one is ready.
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And dont forget also differences between countries. 50% of world population lives with 6$ per day or less. That is below 200$ per month!
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Let's watch the world burn. I'll be in Yukon living in a log house by a lake :)
Interesting read as usual, thanks a lot.
thank you! very nice post.
Greed did this. And this greed is also present in the crytpo market.
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