Timing the Bubble Burst Sequence (DJIA/Gold)

... And the Price Levels. (Ought to speaks for itself.)

Same as the Title Chart - less distorted;
Comment: Same as the Title Chart on a Log. Scale
Probably much more informative.
Comment: "Just how is it possible that the Dow Jones has lost 90% of it's value?!"

"It is very simple, really. First, it lost 50% of it's value and then, 80% of the remainder." - Answered Benjamin Graham, to a reporter, in a 1934 interview.
Comment: "Yeah, but this time it's different!"

Wanna bet?!... Let's!
Comment: No worries, though! As this Speculative Bubble bursts ...
... all you have to wait is 17-18 years, just to break even. (Much like last time, 2000-2017! Although this time around it is likely to be substantially worse.)
... But what's a generation or two amongst friends, anyways?
Comment: Up close;
Comment: Blue Chip Performance: 1973-1974

Du Pont -58.4%
Eastman Kodak -62.1%
Exxon -46.9%
Ford Motor -64.8%
General Electric -60.5%
General Motors -71.2%
Goodyear -63.0%
IBM -58.8%
McDonalds -72.4%
Mobil -59.8%
Motorola -54.3%
PepsiCo -67.0%
Philip Morris -50.3%
Polaroid -90.2%
Sears -66.2%
Sony -80.9%
Westinghouse -83.1%



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