Am I Crazy to Expect DJIA to Drop by 8000 points Long Term?

Markets are strong and the outlook currently is very bullish . So anyone who thinks that markts will drop significantly in the mid to long term would be laughed at right?

But i just cant help but notice that markets are way too high at the moment. everything seems pretty over valued - although market analysts will say the valuations are just about at the right level if not still low.

Could all these excellent company earnings be transitory, thus skewing the markets?

or perhaps theres something more to come, such as another wave of teh pandemic that could pull the markets down.

Whilst we are yet to see what it could be... my better judgement of technical alalysis tells me we could see a big correction in the markets over the long term.

Im aiming for around 26,000 for teh DJIA. Time will tell.
Comment: Markets are really testing my patience, but this is pretty long term. we have a trailer of the up coming fall in recent weeks, just waiting for the movie now!