NYSE:DKL   Delek Logistics Partners, L.P
I'm publishing this so I can come back to it and see how it plays out. Could be BUTTERFLY . Could also be an AB=CD to the downside. Current formation looks like a small diamond which could break up or down. Could also be a Bear Flag . With the 50dma rising, there is a bullish slant. However, this is Oil Well Services, and energy has been hurting. No edge at all for me. Also, on the weekly, the Butterfly could be presenting a Bull Flag . It will be interesting to come back to this in a few weeks to see how it plays out. Also worth nothing the AB=CD equality lines up with the 100dma and the AB=CD 1.272 ext (common with the.786 retrace) lines up with the 200dma.


This one doesn't really trade at all - easily manipulated since it only trades 30,000 shares a day!
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KLang timwest
Oh - I didn't even check out the daily average. Thanks for pointing that out :)
timwest KLang
No problem