DM - Ready to print more than metal

NYSE:DM   Desktop Metal, Inc
DM has been hammered down for 8 months straight after spastic new traders bid the price up ridiculous amounts in the Dec/Jan run up.

Since then, the price has continually suffered as investors are unable to take the emotional pain of the drawdown on their positions and cut losses.

Stochastic RSI is forming a double bottom . RSI is curling up. Volume could be better. A break above the resistance trendline (red) could indicate a trend reversal. If the price is unable to break above current resistance and makes a new low, we would exit.

The yellow trendlines are take profit points. Each target represents it's own risk profile.

T1 = 1.55 R/R (16% up/10% down)

T2 = 3.21 R/R (35% up/10% down

T3 = 6.35 R/R (69% up / 10% down)

T4 = 10.99 R/R (119.7% up / 10% down)

DM generated 13.7M in revenue for 2020.

They are on track to hit their projected 100M revenue for 2021.

This would represent a 629% increase in YoY revenue growth. Besting some of the fastest-growing companies.

In addition, Desktop Metal has made multiple M&A deals during this year:

EnvisionTEC -
EnvisionTEC has one of the strongest intellectual property portfolios in the area-wide photopolymer 3D printing market, counting more than 140 issued and pending patents. The company has in excess of 190 qualified materials for its platforms and more than 5,000 customers across a broad range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical devices, jewelry, and biofabrication. In addition, EnvisionTEC is a leader in the dental market, with over 1,000 dental customers now using its printers for pre-production and end-use parts in this segment.

Adaptive3D -
Adaptive3D offers category-leading photopolymer elastomers. Its products enable volume end-use parts production via additive manufacturing of odorless, tough, strain-tolerant, tear-resistant, and biocompatible rubbers and rubber-like materials. The Company’s flagship resin is Elastic ToughRubber 90™, a tough, printable elastomer for all seasons. Adaptive3D printable materials are optimized for high-throughput manufacturing of functional, complex 3D plastic and rubber parts in consumer, healthcare, industrial, transportation, and oil and gas markets. Adaptive3D’s core technology was developed through Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) funding, and the Company has received strategic capital from leading materials companies including Covestro, Arkema Group, West Pharmaceuticals, Applied Ventures, and Royal DSM .

Aerosint -
Founded in 2016 and based in Belgium, Aerosint offers a unique powder deposition system based on a proprietary digital process that selectively deposits two or more powders to form a single, thin powder layer containing multiple materials. The Company’s patented selective powder deposition technology enables full three-dimensional control of material placement during printing and can be integrated into any powder bed AM process, such as laser powder bed fusion, binder jetting, high-speed sintering or selective laser sintering. This new, multi-material approach to powder deposition is designed to support high-speed printing of a broad range of polymers, metals, and ceramics.


EnvisionTEC -

Aerosint -

Adaptive3D -