Leading indicators reversed a reversal

The reversal observed previously appears to be washed out...

JNK broke down previously as expected, and exceeded target. No rebound as previously expected, but instead a further push downwards followed. MACD in bear territory.

IWM , DJT and VALUG all swent further down after breaking the support that bounced off earlier. MACD crossed and deep in bear territory. Turned out suspicion was well anticipated.

TIPS failed a support, went back to test but pushed further down. Bearish .

TLT is still not bullish , having pushed down further. Odd.

VIX spiked very hard to get a higher high, but did not close at a higher high. Indicative of bearish markets but not clear as yet.

/HG Copper futures are still held in a tight range and a breakout was immediately pulled back into range. MACD is in bullish territory.