DNMR; a huge ESG play

NYSE:DNMR   Danimer Scientific, Inc
Danimer has developed plastics that are essentially fully biodegradable. The catalyst for this trade is the overwhelming push for companies and individuals to be environmentally conscious of the impact they have. This combined with Millenials and Gen-Z investors mainly invest in what they believe in; such as being friendly to the environment.

This is by no means a trade; this is a long-term investment betting on the fact that every major fortune 500 company will face immense pressure to be carbon neutral and remove all unnecessary classical plastic, especially single-use utensils which is exactly where DNMR has excelled.

Their straws and utensils degrade faster, cleaner, and in much less time. I assume this will be in multiple ESG /Clean Energy ETFs. This will help stabilize this young company because of the constant inflows.