Cup and Handle

NASDAQ:DOCU   DocuSign, Inc
Cup and handle pattern but also see an ABC bullish pattern and C is marked.

Price went below bollinger band set on 80 and was also oversold at that juncture. If price is above the bands on this setting it is usually overbought and vice versa. Price eventually returns to the bands.

Monthly candle is a green long legged doji so indeterminate.

Mid cup can be a strong level of support if all else fails. The handle low can also be support. Mid cup is 227.48 Handle low is 236.10 and C is 241.45 and all can serve as support.

Negative volume had slumped recently but there is a smart money footprint, a pocket pivot , below price (green triangle)

Very bearish string of red candles coming down but sometimes this can flush out sellers. When most are gone, buyers can appear.

Bullish harami today but needs confirmation. Price is under the 50 and the 20 and teetering on the 200. The 200 SMA continues to slope up.

No recommendation.