I like how $DOCU looks like going foward

NASDAQ:DOCU   DocuSign, Inc
I had my $DOCU on my watchlist for a while and I believe this is the time to be bullish on the stock!

Looking at the technical on the daily chart , I can point out the following:

1. The stock has bounce yet again off major support level between 180$-190$,

2. MACD is turning bullish ,

3. RSI is in mid range, which I believe its a good indicator when a stock is trending up but does not get overbought,

4. During last week Friday sell off and looking at today's support, the volume of those red candles are lower if you compare the volume on the green candles. This could indicate that there are more buyer the sellers at this prices?

5. More broadly, it seems that some hedge found are investing again in Growth stocks a.k.a. Tech stock. This could be further cathalyst going foward that could push this higher.

6. I see possible level at 198.97, 202.34 and 205.66 in the short term and longer term going back to 230$.

Of course there is always big MACRO risk! To mention a few:

- Rising inflation and increase in 10 years treasury yield,
- Increase in market volatility ,
- another rotation out of growth stock into value stock,
- Tax increase
- The bull market will finally be over :(

Do your own DD!

Happy investing!

Trade closed: target reached: Reached my target at 230 and beyond!

Looking for a pullback before going back in!