Is DOGE on the Verge of Signaling the Altcoin's Bull Market?

BITTREX:DOGEBTC   Dogecoin / Bitcoin
Happy New Year everyone!

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DOGE is typically a good indicator on when ALTS will have an uptrend or Megabull. The last time Bitcoin broke the ATH back on February 2017, DOGE fired up the ALTS Megabull too back then by having a big rally towards 0.00000180-0.00000200. Will this time in early 2021 be the same on the ALTS which for most have failed to launch in an ALTS season and strong bull run beside Ethereum , LINK, Litecoin and a few others? Lets see in the next few weeks what happens and read up below:

At this time DOGE seems to have found a bottom at 0.00000015-0.00000020 which is good buy area to try buying some for the long-term for those who which risking 1-5% in.

:arrow_forward: 0.00000015-0.00000020 - Buy/Long here - See stoploss

0.00000120-0.00000127 - Sell 25%
0.00000145-0.00000150 - Sell 25%
0.00000180-0.00000200 - Sell 50%

Stoploss: 0.00000014

Best of luck and happy trading!
Carl M.
Trade active: Our call on DOGEBTC was spot on yesterday with a buy/long at 0.00000020. DOGE exploded 90% from there.
Comment: DOGE up 80% at this moment after 2 weeks of consolidation which our fractal predicted. Were looking good for the higher sell targets. Keep holding!

Comment: DOGE is starting to near 0.00000120-0.00000127, remember not to be too greedy and sell 25% at that level.

Trade closed: target reached: All our sell orders have been HIT and filled. That's it boys and girls time to call it a night or day (whatever it is where you are located). The crash whenever it happens on DOGE will be glorious.

0.00000120-0.00000127 - Sell 25% - HIT
0.00000145-0.00000150 - Sell 25% - HIT
0.00000180-0.00000200 - Sell 50% - HIT

Comment: IT WAS

" The crash whenever it happens on DOGE will be glorious. "

Trade closed: target reached: Altcoins Bull market or Megabull is now ON for the remainder of 2021. Remember to sell all your ALTS for profit around November - December 2021. Do not hold any after.

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