3 week strategy for DOGE to $1 T Market Cap

BINANCE:DOGEPERP   DOGE Perpetual Futures Contract
When dealing in a future's market
look for lengths of consolidation and see
what the average time is spent for those consolidations
this give "an idea" of how long the market takes to correct

In the case of DOGE
it looks (more or less)
every time DOGE consolidates (on the 2-day time frame)
it lasts about 10 Bars or 3 weeks

so....we have 3 weeks to work this market!

First we put a nice market order 30% of our position @ 0.36 USD (I always like to have skin in the game)

Place a limit order for @ 0.28 USD which is a 20% drop from Market Price with 20% of our position
- All the most recent bull flags in our bullish continuation pattern
have been supported by the 0.236 on the FIB RETRACEMEN
taken from the initial thrust of volume on April 11th, 2021 top the most recent top which is 50Cent (how cool is that)

********************I am assuming this pattern is a bullish continuation pattern which is the reason behind this trade*************************
(click the link to learn more about the characteristics of a bullish continuation pattern )

Last but not least a limit order taking up 40% of your position @ 0.12 USD

Then We Play Futures
for DOGE,
SHORT the price down to the 0.618 (0.12 USD) with 10x leverage using 10% of our position
Since the position closes at 12 cents (-62%) , a 10x short leverage means we get 620% gains

Stop Loss ratio is at a 1:1.5 ratio (Risk/Reward) but feel free to use your own R/R)
62%/1.5 = 41% stop loss = a 50CENT DOGECOIN (how cool is that)
10% position is liquidated

THIS PART IS QUITE COMPLICATED but if you plug in your own numbers you might see it more clearly
the 40% market position has now gained 41%
( 20% position from the limit order at 28 cents could possibly add another 60% )
WE WILL PRETEND IT DIDNTT HIT - this is a worse case scenario

60% of that profit (the 41%) was forfeited from the SHORT which <<<<
leaves 40% left <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
40% = 16% gain from of initial investment of the market 40% position
and is also the worst case scenario besides DOGE to ZERO <<<<<<<<<

Because these are special times and life changing moments
( BITCOIN BULLRUN coupled with #Wallstreetbets meets TikTok
we are able to sit and make trades and take profits for insane gains

A market buy has a SELL ORDER IN PLACE at $75 DOGE which is a 200x from market price

the limit buy at 12 cents would have a sell order at $25 which would be 200x from limit price

The 6x that was caught on the way down
could be thrown on 12 cents as well that would be
making your sell order at 200x a lot sooner than $25

Do the math, plug in some numbers
hope you find this useful

This gives me experience on trading futures markets whether I'm right or Liquidated.

Its a very risky probability and because of that
I only use 10% of the position of the total amount I want to buy
After our short is complete a limit order should trigger at 0.12 USD for a 40% lump sum purchase
plus 6x your 10% which is now 50% of your whole position to do what one desires

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