Got a head full of stacks better grab an umbrella

BITTREX:DOGEUSD   Dogecoin / US Dollar
NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE just technical analysis and such. GL Cheers!
Comment: Breakout of the potential bull flag in the next couple of hours or testing .072 support. What do you think?
Trade closed: target reached


Lol get your 1099-k or 1099-b from your exchange if you’re a profitable crypto trader.., if not than you’re not making anything substantial...
whitejade BullishTruth
@BullishTruth, been in since below a penny.
BullishTruth whitejade
@whitejade, wow, that’s great, if you had at least 1k starting that’s worth while...8X+ is nice ROI, how long of time has it passed since you bought in??
I personally believe dogecoin will be going down a good amount now - check out some of my posts
whitejade MegaWhale
@MegaWhale, Look at my chart. Weird. Climbing that support line.
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LuLzAtBeArZ MegaWhale
@MegaWhale 😂 good luck with that. Check out some of mine.
MegaWhale LuLzAtBeArZ
@LuLzAtBeArZ, Yeah with the announcement last night ''Tesla invests about $1.5 billion in bitcoin and expects to begin accepting payment for cars soon'' it was obvious then doge and btc was going to rise - this is why I preach to trade safely with doge because it can change market directions in a blink of an eye - I will take a look
whitejade LuLzAtBeArZ
@LuLzAtBeArZ, @megawhale I'm pretty sure I posted this 1. Before the announcement in Tesla's 10k TODAY. and damn it's following my trendline as if I'm the one moving it... WHALE. LoL
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