Doge- it can soon break under 0.3

Like a lot of the coins, also Doge is on a downtrend.
The recent rise in Bitcoin translated into sone anemics rallies for this coin which reinforce my bearish outlook.
I expect a break under 0.3 soon and 0.2 zone is my target.
Doge above 0.35 would negate this scenario
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That’s some painful sell off ……..
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OptimoomFX CryptoYoungOG
@CryptoYoungOG, if you hodl...
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supremetrejdr OptimoomFX
@OptimoomFX, most ppl will continue to hodl just like in 2018. all the way to the bottom, haha
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OptimoomFX supremetrejdr
@supremetrejdr, their business
I m short
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Saghar13 OptimoomFX
@OptimoomFX, how terrible!
That means it will touch 0.28?
I thought it would come back from 0.30
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OK, sure, that's half of June. Lets zoom out a bit. I see mostly sideways movement, with a strong support level around 0.30. If it breaks 0.30, then lower movement is inevitable. However, I think the chart is saying sideways movement for some time with consolidation. After consolidation, more than likely DOGE will start to slowly rise again. Thanks for your contribution.
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@er453d, thanks for sharing your thoughts
@er453d agree with this, its doge set up. Were entering short bull run thanks to fed, lets go doge
if and only if this local support break then we may have fall

well done
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