DOGECOIN-4H--The price bounced back up to the retracement zone!

BITTREX:DOGEUSD   Dogecoin / US Dollar
Yesterday and the day before yesterday the price tried to break down the support at 0.1655, but all attempts failed. Today, on the four hours chart the price bounced back up to the retracement zone between 0.24 and 0.21 and it's still trying to break it out. If breakout happens, we expect the price will go up to the retracement zone on the daily chart to retest the resistance between 0.29 and 0.28. If the breakout fails, on the other hand, the price will bounce back down to retest the support 0.1655, and the trend down will continue. The main trend on the four hours chart is still bearish , and on the daily chart we now have a lower low! For holders, the best place to buy more is at 0.165 and at 0.08. We will update the chart if anything changes.




Bear run hasn't ended bc BTC hasn't fully bounced back yet. 34k was a major support turned into resistance. That's a clear bear sign. I believe for doge to restart another cycle it has to go back to its original value at near 10 or 8 cents. Only then is it possible to see a bull run long term
looking at the current trend dont you think that the bear run has ended, a lot of indicators are also saying that. Here is my analysis supporting this, would love to hear your thoughts on this.