Warning to Doge Hodlers

BITTREX:DOGEUSD   Dogecoin / US Dollar
Doge holding at critical level right now as this is the last line of support before dropping 40-50%. If the .25c-.26c holds past Friday we should see Doge come back up as weekends usually have the best performance for crypto. Break below .25-.26 would see quick sell-offs towards .14c for next support and afterwards .07c if that levels breaks aswell.


Obviously this would just be your opinion: on the case it does go bearish, I am currently in with 10,000 coins @ the avg of 32 cents. I honestly do not mind bag holding if that does end up being the case. However, at what point should I consider selling at a loss with the intention to buy in at a lower price point and increase my chances of profiting more than where I am at now? I personally believe that Doge will definitely reach a dollar at one point, I will be continue to be investing in Doge for the long haul either way.
@nsestes91 You sell at a loss, you just average down
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WaisTrades nsestes91
@nsestes91, nice bounce off .15c yesterday and now testing its break down level @ .25c. Since it was last level of support, it would be major resistance now. I tend to play it safe and extract value out to fight another day. Since the technicals arent really showing bullish signs, I would exit unit I see a better entry to regain my loses.