If Doge decides to go bearish, but that doesn't seem most likely

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If Doge were to begin to slip on us for whatever reason our first area of support would be the orange box indicated on the chart, and if that doesn't then we are going to the red box, which is where we started the year out. I don't believe this is very likely, but anything is possible. The other day on my post providing evidence for why Doge can most definitely reach $28, I used my variation of Doge that had cycle-phasing that decayed differently than BTC from $28 and onward, but in this chart I have adjusted Doge to adhere strictly to what BTC has done since launch, as it has been in a fractal pattern all year. Within the related idea, I used my variation of BTC that had this years phase two reaching up to $500k, and then proceeding as it has in the past, therefore attaining far higher values after this coming top, but below is the variation of BTC if it continues to strictly adhere to its cycle-phasing, repeated fib levels over the last 11 years, and return decay; this chart also extends to the 2080's, and lands us at ~$250k for the upcoming top, ~$1.5 million for the end of this decade, and ~$270 million by the 2080's.

BTC analysis:
Also, you've got to think that the last Bitcoin won't be mined until around 2140... this thing will go so high. Also, if Doge were to follow as it does in this analysis, or perhaps even more bullish , it would take out the market cap of Bitcoin quite fast, which, honestly, at this point, I don't have an issue with that. BTC will be a great and massive store of value while Doge is a form of currency with larger day-to-day trading volume . Once people realize that Bitcoin only goes up overtime and that your money will ultimately only appreciate overtime, the dam is going to burst. You must remember that without Bitcoin , Doge, nor any of the other, could have done what they have... this all predicates off of Bitcoin . All of this being said this is a backed up observational idea, so don't scold me.
Comment: Another important thing to note is that the fib extension for the beginning of Doge lands $28 right on the 4.618.