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Hey Traders so last week I had noticed Dogecoin was overbought and due for a correction.

That has now happened will the bulls still be able to take this market higher?

Also as I learn more about this new cypto market I found 2 other currencies that look undervalued Tron and Siacoin. It looks like they are also in uptrend and possibly in a position to move higher.

I am curious what the crypto community thinks of these also. Let me know if you think they are good opportunities or not.


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TRX was going good along .16 and got smashed back down to .12 when things started going belly up. I still hold TRX and SC both and I like them both. TRX is great because it allows for staking inside a wallet, you don't need to do anything but delegate where you want it to stake and accept your rewards every day. SC I find to be undervalued as well but every time it gets a leg up it seems to get squashed back down. I still think as a functional token to pay for the cloud storage rental is awesome and it's way cheaper than any other cloud storage. I think it's a cool project and I can't really talk garbage on either of them.
TheForexNinja theomnisone
Hey thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it as I am still new to crypto trading. They did look undervalued to me but I thought that unlike Dogecoin their benefit and product value was better. I read that Tron can proccess things faster than Bitcoin. Also that cloud storage can be a strong trend in the future. I will continue to hold them and in the future I think if we can break above and make new highs to buy more on pullbacks!