DOGe - How are we feeling?

BITTREX:DOGEUSD   Dogecoin / US Dollar
I had been hoping we would see a euphoric break out of the last consolidation period, but alas, i feel that there just hasn't been enough time to recharge since the last rally. People on the streets aren't talking about DOGe, and the late joiners may be a bit embarrassed to talk about it. It Feels to me we are in a period of confusion and complacency of sentiment.

This is partly because Doge has shown us what her bear market looks like on this scale yet... so we can only stretch out and expand previous pull backs to try to estimate what she might look like.

Here is what i am currently working with, though the volatility is high and some of the harmonic patterns are out of phase with each other... suggesting that,,,, well,,, anything is possible ;)

Since DOGe is just a currency of emotion... comment below with how you feel about doge right now :)

Good Luck!