Is Dogecoin about to crash or go to 70 cents? Dogecoin analysis

BINANCE:DOGEUSD   Dogecoin / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
On the weekly log chart we see here I explain in detail about Dogecoin and all the indicators you need to know when to buy and sell this altcoin.
Will Dogecoin crash to 20cents?
Is Dogecoin one of the most bullish coins in the market for the last 5 years?

This chart is explained in explicit detail here: along with many other charts and extras to show the path forward for Dogecoin .

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Comment: Just thought I'd mention if you want to increase your trading skills I suggest you implement my most commonly used indicators like EMA/MA's, BB, Ichimoku, LMACD, RSI. If you have only a free TV account you will require 2 different exchange charts on the one crypto coin market to cover all these angles. Also, always good to setup an alert on the buy and sell areas I show in videos so TV send you an email when it hits this area and you know to buy or sell. I use Fibonacci sequence alot in crypto trading as per my Twitter explanation. for more analysis with my current record of over 93% correct.

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$0.70then very sharp drop just like ada did on Coinbase listing ;)
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@mammamia2, yes but doge already did 128 x without coinbase ...lot manipulation
mammamia2 PensieriParole
@PensieriParole, I mean ADA did 1500% before Coinbase listing since nov/dec without the likes of Elon pumping the shit out of it and a load of kids fomoing into it
mammamia2 PensieriParole
@PensieriParole, I mean I am no doge lover but it is worth the break out trade with a trailing SL no?
@mammamia2, good idea. Sounds like what I explained, if bounce off green trendline will hit red trendline and monthly is way overbought. So yer, 70cents then a crash could be an option.
mammamia2 Pro_Trader_HTBB
@Pro_Trader_HTBB, This is why I follow you ;) looking like a tight squeeze for another leg up soon...? thanks for your hard work and sharing it with us :)
sha13 mammamia2
@mammamia2, now DOGEUSD is 11 billion how many people on coinbase you suppose 1 billion $ Buy DOGEUSD max Prince will be 0.47yes?!!
@sha13, When you look at the market cap of the top 5 coins, if these all rise along with Doge, it could get to $1 and not be a top 5 coin in market cap. Mathematics will show you this.
sha13 Pro_Trader_HTBB
@Pro_Trader_HTBB, can you explain more and easier ?how can mathematics say that without any more volume of daily trading we can get higher target for doge like 1 $?
@sha13, Doge supply is 129,868,178,050 DOGE so times this by $1 and there is your market cap. ie. $129billion. This is currently less than ETH or BTC market caps. Doge therefore has the room to get to $1 because if the market goes up as i said, the other top 10 alts will rise in market cap also and still have larger market cap than Doge. BTC and ETH will be 1 and 2 for a while I'd say.
Just remember I am not saying from here it will go straight to $1.