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Why ANYONE would want to invest their money because of Elon Musks tweets are beyond me, anyone with any price action experience or trading knowledge can see what the deal is here, i dont have acces sto all tweets, but this is enough.

Be careful about trading of some 'tweet' or something you read...
Comment: Is hard to see all the tweets, is best viewed on 4hr tf. to see the peaks and troughs from the tweets. In my opinion, he simply messing with the markets, as he is banned by SEC from tweeting about stock market / tesla


Nice use of our new copy and paste tweets directly on the chart. Thanks for sharing!
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TraderE9 TradingView
@TradingView, thank you!
Really interesting correlation.

Ellon definitely likes to manipulate financial markets
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dmart120120 MoonBets
@MoonBets, I tweet about Doge and BTC all the time am I manipulating markets?
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MoonBets dmart120120

Nah, you barely have any followers on Twitter, and you probably don't own multiple multi-billion dollar companies.

Its good to dream though :)
BillAnt MoonBets
@MoonBets, Not that he needs the extra money, but he's an egomaniac.
TraderE9 MoonBets
@MoonBets, thank you!! <3
Honestly I see nothing unusual... Peaks and valleys making patterns I see them everyday
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@Grande8X exactly, doesn’t mean there’s some news or tweet, if that’s how it worked the market would only go up. And humans would’ve found a way to be gods.