Polkadot Next BullRun

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- Okay now that we got the Bottom ( 4.3$ ish).
- We can try to calculate the highest points for the next bull run.
- i am not in patterns too much but we can see that DOT formed a kind of Cypher Bullish Pattern.

- A resistance was created around 9.80-10$.
- So Polkadot will have to go retest this zone and breakout to climb more.

- TP Zones :
- TP1 : 50$ ish (ATH 2021).
- TP2 : 85$ ish (161.8 Fibo).
- TP3 : 200$ ish (Max Fibo 423.6).

- Like Always :
-- Take your train ticket before the mass.
-- Sell when others rush to buy :D.

Happy Tr4Ding !

Check this post to see clearly Bottom Zone :

Older Analysis :

Just to make it clear. this trend is going to January 2025.


TF-3D Div.

i answered a question in the comments section by @crimsonpanda and thanks for asking it!, i think it's really important to make the difference between DOT and ETH. Remember also that my answer is only my own vision! :

Do you believe DOT can outperform its peers? Last cycle it was very disappointing, even ETH was performing better. I really wonder your idea about DOT's next bull potential. I kinda started shift my focus other big boys rather than DOT. Also thanks for the updates.

i will try to answer my best mate but it would take a day to speak about the differences between DOT and ETH. In terms of technical features, Polkadot uses a more advanced consensus mechanism called GRANDPA, which is designed to reduce network latency and improve transaction finality, Polkadot aims to be a more scalable and interoperable platform. From a matter of price, we cannot compare DOT and ETH, Ethereum has been around longer and has a much larger user and developer base, Ethereum is seen as a pioneer in the smart contract, peoples had no choice at that time and adopted it. imo the big problem with ETH is that anyone can create a token with few bucks and create a quick scam, to my eyes ETH is a nest of scams, just look right now how many MEME scams tokens are made on ERC20 base. in contrast, if a project wants to develop on Polkadot, it needs to be built on parachains, first Rococo, then Kusuma and finally, Polkadot, it costs a lot of money and time for a project team to come in Polkadot ecosystem. Polkadot have strong technical fundamentals, from a technical standpoint, and to answer shortly your question, Polkadot have a number of unique features that make it stand out among its peers and his price will follow with time. i hope it helps ! Cheers mate!
D1 update. Accumulation Divergence.


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