Chapter 1 of the DOT Story - Polkadot Parachains

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Polkadot is just really getting started. Today the parachains were announced and the PA reacted instantly.

A famous saying goes "show me the charts, I'll tell you the news".

Well right at the end of a near perfect cup n' handle, parachains were announced. Coincidence? Fibonacci? Random word to sound smart yet mystic-like?

Whether you buy in now or the retest around $37-$40, this is your choice. But 5-10 years down the line when 1 DOT token will be valued over $10,000, you are not going to care whether you bought the retest or not.

$10,000 how? Simple. Polkadot is a layer 0 solution. It is naturally going to solve every other blockchain's problems of scalability vs speed vs decentralisation with its parachains. Don't be surprised if we see a Solana or an Ethereum bidding for a parachain someday to fix their own issues that won't be solved by their (dare I say) centralised base layers.

If there is 1 token that will not only overtake ETH, but overtake BTC , I have my money on DOT. Assuming of course nothing drastic happens to their code.


DOT's utility is made to drive the price up. When the community are leasing DOT tokens for up to 2 years at a time - multiply that by 100 (for the number of parachains) and then add the fact there will be a large chunk put into staking for governance and, furthermore, DOT's that will be in corporations and countries' balance sheets/crypto reserves, what's left is a very little supply of DOTs left circulating for us.

Let history remember this.