DOT is gonna reach 36$?

Hi every one

DOT/USDT has broken out of a symmetrical triangle which is a great bullish sign! so now the price is ready to reach 36$.(If we consider the expected bullish movement which is AB=CD )

Traders, if you liked this idea or have your opinion on it, write in the comments, We will be glad.

Things can change...
The markets are always changing and even with all these signals, the market changes tend to be strong and fast!!

Thank you for seeing idea .
Have a nice day and Good luck
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Great setup mate
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T_V_TreeTrader MrForex_Global
@MrForex_Global, thank you a lot
Thanks !
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@YMGroup, You're welcome, good luck dear
Maybe) Thank you for you idea!
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T_V_TreeTrader AtlasTrades
@AtlasTrades, You're welcome, good luck
Here's my view on DOT and where it is headed on the eve of Parachains rolling out:

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Technicals are in a strong bullish position - we just had a Daily MACD bullish cross last night and the EMAs are all turning decidedly bullish ahead of Parachains rolling out this month....

DOT also just had its 2nd ETP product launched. The bullish thing about this is that this ETP like Grayscale has to buy DOT to back its product.... DOT Is just winning
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Strong technical analysis🔥
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T_V_TreeTrader FieryTrading
@FieryTrading, thank you a lot