DOT 12h Global picture and levels for correction

It's been three months since one of the first DOT ideas was published.
It was then that we wrote that there will be a correction from $6 to $4. 40 where you can buy long. During this time, the price of DOTUSDT has grown by 1000%. Great result, buy and hold.
Here we will leave a link to one of the first ideas on DOTUSD, and the entire series of ideas, if desired, can be found in the search among our ideas.

And now it's time to clean up the chart from many levels and patterns and look at the picture globally.

Look at this parabolic rally upward, without any sensible correction.
It seems to us that it's time, it's time to start corrections in the near future.

The nearest tasty zone for buying in DOTUSD long is located in the area of ​​$16.50, where at least some consolidation was taking place.
Or maybe lower, what to think of, we'll see over time :)
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DOT BTC pair just broke all time high and as long btc stay above 51K I don't see don't going below 30$ anyway time will tell
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P_S_trade CryptoUltron
@CryptoUltron, Today we saw that 51,000 is not such a reliable support.
CryptoUltron P_S_trade
@P_S_trade, we didn't close below :)

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P_S_trade CryptoUltron
@CryptoUltron, so. however, the very fact of such a failure shows us what can happen to the market in a fairly short time
Thanks for checking DOT.
In the DOT/USD market, DOT has been extremely bullish, with continuous moves up, only broke by a few mini pauses/consolidations around the minor supports/resistances. That is why the chart doesn't present any major supports/resistances on the way up. But those micro support/resistances have been holding pretty well.
This makes me think that there is the possibility we could see a minor consolidation, instead of a major one ahead and DOT could resume its growth as soon as BTC does the same. I am not saying it will happen, I am just saying it is a possibility we might want to consider. Ultimately it will all depend on what BTC ends up doing, as usual...
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BelowZero BelowZero
@BelowZero, Check the DOT/EUR pair on Kraken. Your target actually was reached there with a very long wick that touched very close to EUR 12.
It lasted a few minutes only but it got there. Very impressive. Never expected DOT to retrace that much so fast, I wish I was prepared and could have bought it at that target price.
Congratulations on your excellent view and your sharp TA skills.
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P_S_trade BelowZero
@BelowZero, thanks for comment)
elkadro BelowZero
@BelowZero, it reached because of buying squeezes and not related to TA. people got liquidated and their stop loss made the price plunge faster.
P_S_trade elkadro
@elkadro, Of course, yes, everything happens by itself and TA has not worked on any of our ideas for more than 5 months)
BelowZero P_S_trade
@P_S_trade, I think Elkadro was just trying to give me a tip as I am a beginner. I don't think his intention was negative towards your work, which is great by the way. Besides your idea was dead on, and your goals were perfectly reached. Doesn't get any better than that...
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