POLKADOT respects Fibonacci channel levels very much!

Technical analysis regarding the price of POLKADOT in relation of dollar Tether for the next scenarios, based on 4 hour movement.

The price of this cryptography respects the levels of channels very much if you look at the past and well, as I rely on 90% Fibonacci to carry out my projections / analyzes, I strongly believe in the next price levels that you can achieve.

Breaking this congested accumulation region (at the top), the price will have no barriers to reach such levels.

*** In accordance with CVM Instruction No. 598, of May 3, 2018, Art. 21, I declare that the recommendations of this analysis reflect solely and exclusively my personal opinions and perceptions and that they were prepared independently and autonomously. Not being considered a purchase and/or sale recommendation. ***


and it will break it, if not today then later this week.. just a matter of time...
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luizhcruz cryptobullethbtcxlm
Yes friend, I believe in that too! It has a strong buying mass entering. Thanks for the comment. 🏆👏🙏
Nice work.
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luizhcruz amystery
@amystery, thank you my dear friend!! 😄👍
Great set up dude!
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@abel11, glad you liked it! Thanks!! 😄🤝🙏