DOT Price technically moves on the chart where to buy and sell

It turned out that the last time we made a global review of the DOTUSDT trading pair was to do as in February 2021.
But the idea worked pretty well, which we saw on the graph, see for yourself.

Also, during these 6 months, we made several short-term ideas for trading the DOTUSD pair, they can be found through the search in our ideas.

Having opened the DOTUSDT chart today, we saw that the price moves smartly from the liquidity level to the liquid level, so there is no need to invent a bicycle again.
Let's trade DOT from level to level and just take out our modest profit from the table in time)

Based on the current DOTUSDT price chart, a correction suggests a fall to the $13-14.50 price zone, where it will be possible to buy a long position at a tasty price. After this correction, we can expect growth to $28-31.
The logic is simple: if the dynamics of correction are weaker, to the upper part of the liquidity zone, then a powerful shot can be expected up to $31. If the correction will be deeper and more protracted, then it will be better to start fixing longs when the DOTUSD price crosses the $28 mark.
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Trade closed: target reached
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