Topping patterns

INDEX:DOWI   DOW Industrials
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It is still too early to confirm that we have topped. For all we know we could be in the greatest bull market that has yet to come. The 1980's to 2000's was a very long stretch of bullish years. that doesnt mean we are going to have a similar situation. The chart aboce illustrates when the MACD 26 close over the 9, the Market has corrected/ crashed and vice versa the market was on a buy signal. we have. According to this thesis we are on a sell signal for the indices , however this signal has failed in the past indicated by the yellow lines( 1980's to 2000's where it kept going higher) and the purple lines. So for a confimred bear market, we need to see the coppock curve close below the 0 horizontal blue line, which usually happen about 6- 12 months from the top. as of now price action is bullish and it is too early to call a top.
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