DPIH in tight narrow edge of triangle.

DPIH has been in long accumulation and shakeout done before start the uptrend in the month of Aug last year. it formed a healthy spring on the 15 Dec and 11 Jan this year. This is a good sign of strength.
It has reported consecutively 2 quarters of profit and had just completed issue dividend on the 20 Jan.
For the chart pattern
a. Background is green, uptrend
b. Wide spread candle with small rejection and volume is more than 2 previous day. Stepping up volume . Next candle or so expecting high or very high volume to the resistance trendline. Perhaps an ultra high volume if to breakout the trendline.
c. Candle close above 20MA, while 10MA is looking to crossover 20MA,
d. MACD is above centreline and not showing sign of going downward.
e. Very low risk, if EP is 0.285/290. CL is 0.27, TP 0.30, 310, 330, 360. RR starting from 1.5
f. Not holding any of DPIH stock. Might consider for short trade.