Dusk Network Hits Higher Low | 325%+ For Long-Term Targets

BINANCE:DUSKBTC   Dusk Network / Bitcoin
My last chart for Dusk Network came in on the 5th of December, 20 days ago. After some gains, we end up basically with the same exact setup, bullish as well.

Current prices are good for long-term holders, Dusk Network it is said to be a great project with amazing new technology and great potential.

Prices are now trading above EMA10 and we hit a higher low on 18-Dec . compared to the 25-Nov. '19. So it is possible that the next move goes towards the bulls.

Conditions for change
There is also the possibility of another drop and even a new low to be hit for DUSKBTC in the months ahead, but this is not a problem. If you are looking at this altcoin pair for its long-term potential, prices are very likely to bounce with massive strength if a new low is hit.

In the meantime, Dusk Network is now consolidating with bullish tendencies... Keep an eye out for a strong bullish breakout within 3-4 weeks.

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Happy holidays!


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Update please, is it breaking down or up, very risky trade for me atm as Im losing alot of money on it, so I'm wondering if it's worth the wait
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AlanSantana uziboozi
@uziboozi, Still the same analysis is valid.
Thanks Master
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Hello @AlanSantana : Wondering if your analysis still holds true for ONE? This coin apart from Binace IEO, doesn't look at this moment to worth investing. Their team didn't have much in their medium channel. Also, the supply just keep increasing. Your thoughts..
AlanSantana Maverick1787
@Maverick1787, These are all fundamentals, the technicals remain the same.