NASDAQ:DVAX   Dynavax Technologies Corporation
DVAX retracement plotted using recent lows and the high from Aug 2018...figured that would be more than enough on the big picture to see any potential levels of interest. In this case, sure enough, there were. Mainly, the 236 fib line has been an area of higher traffic over the last 3 years. Further, DVAX has yet to establish a substantial support above this level for an extended period of time. Thanks to the Delta variant, COVID vax is in focus. For DVAX however, there are possibly a few other things to keep in mind that could be important to keep in mind right now:

"Conveniently for those just beginning to look at DVAX stock right now, the company gave an overview of its platforms earlier this month in a second-quarter earnings update. Its HEPLISAV-B and CpG 1018 platforms generated revenue for the quarter, with $39 million coming from CpG 1018 and $13.7 million from HEPLISAV-B. In particular, the HEPLISAV-B revenues were the highest quarterly figures for the treatment to date. Dynavax has gone further and entered into a commercialization agreement with Bavarian Nordic for the German market...With the coronavirus continuing to stoke uncertainty, vaccine stocks remain in focus. Dynavax’s CpG 1018 adjuvant has acted as a recent catalyst. The adjuvant is designed to increase vaccine immune response when used in vaccines, including its own HEPLISAV-B. Now, with coronavirus vaccines showing benefits, the uptick in cases has helped build more interest in the company’s pipeline...In fact, Dynavax has entered into commercial supply agreements with numerous companies, including Biological E and Clover Biopharmaceuticals, to use Dynavax’s adjuvant in the commercial production of each company’s respective coronavirus vaccine candidates."

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