DXY Dollar Index Losing Momentum $90.45

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DXY is the most important highlight to watch for all marketeers and traders. DXY is normally to calculate the relative between other currencies and some commodities .

1st rebound is on 7th January 2021
2nd rebound is on 1st June 2021

DXY is good performer when it comes out with stimulus projection or stimulus release.

This year 2021 pattern took some major constructive pattern.
January to March = strengthen
March to June = weaken
June to Sep = strengthen

Thus, we can expected Q4 the US dollar index will be weaken. As clearly shown that the pattern development on the current constructive pattern is losing.

The steam of strengthening losing it's momentum as the stimulus of injection dollar to the market gained less traction control.

Based on my calculation, there will be no more upscale towards the dollar projection.

Q4 is coming and the all indices will be going into depression.

Thus, I am predicting the dollar will hit the value of $90.45 starting next week course developing trend.

Zezu Zaza