V3:T2_Comparison of US-10-Year and USD_Postive Corrolation

Hello Traders!

As many of you know I trade USD based currencies which are mostly influenced by the movement of the USD ( DXY ) Understanding the forces behind USD is critical to trading currencies correctly on a day to day basis.

USD and the US 10 year are almost identical in nature. DXY is noted to be more sporadic. Generally speaking 10 year needs to signal lower lows before DXY sticks lower (and EURUSD higher.)

Looking at that 10 year we are at a bit of support at this 276.5. If EURUSD is going to trade higher the US 10 year will need to trade consistently BELOW 276. Risk on mode (Long XXX/USD. Short USD/XXX) will remain the primary strategy until 10 year trades consistently ABOVE the highs established at the beginning of March-278.75 level.

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