Nas 100 and DXY are dancing again, well maybe not

TVC:DXY   U.S. Dollar Currency Index
Late Feb The markets and DXY were synced. But as DXY bounced, the markets didn't like it, and danced alone to its lows. So the dollar strength, what do we say about it. Was it the chicken or the egg? Did sellers of stocks run to the dollar for safe haven, when they realized it was more than a pullback? Or was there international currency forces at work to devalue the dollar, sending stocks lower, and then the panic set in, safety to dollars?

This time as the dollar has weakened, the "opening up of the US" had stocks looking the other way, higher despite the dollar issues. Now, the dollar strength could be that secondary action, and stocks go Oppo DXY , as DXY goes higher.

Its a dance. A Tango dance. Full of drama, cheek to cheek, and then apart on their own.

Covid 19 numbers have NOT gone down, but "we must open for business". Now its a numbers game. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead, and let those who will die decrease the vulnerable, the weak among us. Fitness of the species.

I am short NVDA , and Nas100 , and expected this news and move last week.