The Powell meme bomb & pivot

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The fed and Powell have tried everything to dismiss inflation . First ignoring it then saying transitory then changing the perimeters as to how it's calculated. Even Sleepy Joe then chimed in at one point by saying hotdogs are actually cheaper for your red white and blue lies.

How about awards... Let's give Ben Bernanke the noble economics prize during this all of this insanity! How about an Oscar to a president? (Sean Penn to Zelensky) yeah why not??
Giving Bernanke an award like "Noble Economics" is like calling Dahmer chef of the year!
What the heck is going on? People are so broke they can't even pay attention! Has reality become the twilight zone? or was it always?

Who are these people that rule us? Can they really be this incompetent? If so why is there no accountability?

Now to Powell and gang. Last year they were caught for insider trading, what was their punishment? They were forced to sell their stock, at record gains mind you. Really... that's a punishment now? No one even batted an eye.

The west has become a bunch of zombie filled degenerate nations with it's citizens consuming filth at record pace even Usain Bolt would be envious of.

For this charade to keep going, you need to print more zombie snacks (dollars) there is no other way. I do believe the market is pricing in an inevitable Fed pivot at the moment which could turn out to be a sell the news moment next year at some point (not Financial advice).

Psychological warfare. The Psy-op being played has been ramped up to new levels the past couple years and it is being reflected in the market due to technology with access to investing now easier than ever with a device sitting in your pocket, just add a little emotion with degenerative news and voila.

The Pivot will eventually come, but will be the long term effects of it? Anyone can assume but simple 101 Noble Bernanke economics will tell you it ain't good. Anyway, this is my rant for the day.

Actually, I have a question. What effect do SEC (crypto) rulings have past American borders?
Here is my opinion, (crypto specifically) They have no jurisdiction past American borders so the effect is limited if any. In my opinion these negative rulings will only stifle any American innovation and growth of the sector. It actually just opens doors for other countries to take advantage of it as crypto is global. Please give me your thoughts on this down bellow.

Special Guest Appearance George Carlin

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Comment: If the dxy closes the year in the low 105's (105.3 or so) it will print a gravestone doji on the 6 month chart, it's a very bearish candle and could very well mark the top of the dollar. It can be viewed on this chart.

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