DXY (Dollar Index) | The last point to fall🚧

Hello traders, Dollar Index in 4-Hour Timeframe This analysis is prepared in 4-hour timeframe but has been published for a better view in 8-hour timeframe.
The dollar index completely broke our previous analysis point in Fibo 0.88.
And if this point is broken, we were supposed to consider this wave as wave 5, but from what we have examined, the most logical case for this wave is wave 4.
But this time we considered it not in the form of twin zigzags but in the form of irregular flats.
And the last chance to consider this wave as a correction will be Fibo 1.27 for wave b of the plate, and if it breaks again, we will say for sure that these waves were impulses.
Because the ratio of a and c waves will be very unusual.
In general we will expect to climb to the specified point and then descend for wave c .
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