DXY (Dollar Index) | Small correction♻️

TVC:DXY   U.S. Dollar Currency Index
Hello traders, Dollar Index in 4-Hour Timeframe This analysis is prepared in 4-hour timeframe but has been published for a better view in 8-hour timeframe.
In this analysis, we examined the c wave.
We are in wave c within wave 5 and I set three price targets for it.
The first price target of Fibo was 0.38, to which the price reacted, and this indicates that one of the microwaves of wave 5 is forming, and wave 5 is not yet complete, and after the complete break of this Fibo and the peak. Previously, the price will move towards Fibo 0.50 and if Fibo breaks 0.50, the price will move to the next Fibo.
This analysis is fielded if the price crosses Fibonacci 0.618 and the warning sign.
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