DXY leading up to RE*election years

TVC:DXY   U.S. Dollar Currency Index
always drops, and markets always pump as a result. Note this is used during RE (key) elections. During the other cycles, it is evident that DXY does quite the opposite (gets pumped) and thus making the markets dump. This results in the "other side" using the economy as a bargaining tool for their elections. (Or rather 1 party who seems to be controlling all of this!)
Trade active: Here it comes... get ready!
Trade active: And now that FED has announced it is going to take inflation higher than 2% :)............
Trade active: Still goin


USDCAD will be monitored also from me, with this analysis
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@transparent-fx, Get ready... Here it comes! Guess i was a bit early in my prediction... But here it comes none the less!