DXY (Dollar Index) | The best point to climb🏹

Hello traders, The dollar index in the weekly time frame, This analysis is prepared in weekly timeframe but is displayed for a better view in 2 week timeframe.
according to the chart, we are probably at the end of a correction process and now we are in the leading waves (impulse).
In these leading waves (impulses) waves 1, 2 and 3 are complete and now we are inside wave 4, waves a and b (completed as 3 waves which is a sign of flatness) are wave 4 completed and now we are inside wave c (which It is in the form of 5 waves) which completes wave 4 and starts wave 5 after hitting the bottom of the channel.
Given the positive economic news in the US, we can expect the price to rise from the current price, but the best point to climb the bottom of the channel is purple.
If the canal floor is broken, the scenario will change.
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