DXY (Dollar Index) | Price targets to fall

Hello traders, Dollar Index in 4-Hour Timeframe This analysis is prepared in 4-hour timeframe but has been published for a better view in 8-hour timeframe.
The dollar index , as we expected, fell in the form of a wave c , and this decline is taking shape.
We specified the c wave targets.
According to the observation, we are inside wave 2 of wave c .
Or we may still be in wave 3 and I have identified two possibilities:
The first possibility of the orange motion process: it can be said that wave c is forming in the form of a diagonal triangle, which is inside wave b of wave 3, and after the formation of wave c of wave 3, wave four has entered the range of wave 1. And the diagonal will determine this trend.
If this structure is formed, target 0.618 will be the most suitable target.
The second possibility of the blue movement trend: If the ascent moves to the previous ceiling and after reaching that part of the same area, the orange channel floor will completely break its downward trend until Fibo 1.27 will continue.
The analysis point of the field will be the end of the -b- wave.
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