DXY (Dollar Index) | Start falling🔥

TVC:DXY   U.S. Dollar Currency Index
Hello traders, The dollar index moved to 0.618 in the 1-hour timeframe, according to the previous analysis of the dollar index .
And now it is in the roof area of the water channel. If it breaks the roof of the water channel, it can move up to Fibonacci 1.00.
But if it fails to break the blue canal roof, it will most likely break its own black trend line and start its own downward and corrective movement.
If you are going to buy gold , you can increase the volume in two areas, the first area after breaking the black trend line and the second area after breaking the bottom of the triangle.
Our price target is Fibo 0.618.
If Fibo 1.00 is broken, this analysis will be fielded.
🙏If you have an idea that helps me provide a better analysis, I will be happy to write in the comments🙏
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Very good!
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Very good!
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