$dYdX -Hit Top of Daily Bearish Order Block- Now Retracing *SMT

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SMT = See related idea on the analysis of what Smart Money Theory is.

$dYdX seems to be the only crypto worth trading at the moment. As it hit the top of the Daily bearish order block and started reversing. Wick may have went through each side on the 4 hour but two four hour candles closed inside below the median of the Daily bearish order block . This is bearish movement.

So I have two take profits. The first is within the huge 4 hour Fair Value gap below.

Entry 2.441
Take Profit 1 - 2.068 (Top of Breaker)
Take Profit 2 - 1.946 (Bottom of Breaker)
Stop loss - CLOSES ABOVE 2.538 on the1 hour I don't play the stop loss game unless I'm Not going to pay attention and what matters on a stop loss is the close not

We'll See what happens. But thats my educated guess. Usually, Smart Money teaches me right. (See related Idea Bitcoin- last short
As it entered the entrance pric and came down t the 50% and then it cam back up to exactly where i thought it wouf if it closed on the 1 hour above the stop loss. So I held, unti it got to the top and the added an exar 3 x the amount of my 1.5% initial account balance. Also went from 5x leverage to 12x leverage and what wuld have been x? as a winner is now 4.48x the original amount. As long as you took profit near the top of the breaker ( we took profit at 2.090 , waiting for take profit 2.
I just hope you really listened to the writing that the close above the stop loss meant that the price would get the top of that Bearih Order block hourly, we set a limit near the top and culdn't have made it any closer. This is how you play smart money.

I want to see if it will dive or get close the bottom

Next entry - Low leverage - top of daily fvg
E- 2.280
SL - 2.930
TP1 - 1.190
TP2 - 1.010

the 4.4x of my initial bid that I've made has given me a good return and I'm already added a lot to my account these past two weeks.
30.84% + Can be added
If you just aim for the bullish order block at my entrance. If you're already in the trade, s/l should be your entrace to protect your profits. Ifg your not in the the trade, the s/l is suggested
The Price has hit the median of the Breaker and at that point is when I felt it was gfoing to move up now to fill in the rest of the 4 hour fair value gap near 2.286 and then fall back down to the bottom of the breaker near 1.946. I personally bought at 1.06 and waiting to see if I can pull more profit at 1.90 or higher at 1.94-5. At that point I would add more to my short position. while adding more in the current long that I may close soon. I'm watching closely.

After re-readong the price action I found that the next oreder block it would possibly go lower on would be around 2.2. So That's where I took profit and shorted at the same time. Because I believe my ultimate goal is just to get to the bottom of the 4 hour FVG as it has left a small amount of room that needs to be filled to complete that Imbalance
We're slowly getting closer the bottom off the breaker. This is where I would take about 80% of the trade off because two thinkgs cn happpen usually 1) price then returns to the top of the breaker now going from support to resistance within that zone as the price will continue to fall lower to where I was previously suggesting, At the bottom of the breaker (left side ow, hgh lower low formation ( with the price then running up and closing above it all. Thats the breaker, and I will be focusing more on those in the coming weeks. For now it should go for the first objective, get to the bottom of the breaker and 4 hr Fair Value Gap and should get to the bottom of the breaker near 1.95. Once it gets there 80% of my profit will be taken. \And I'll move my stop loss to not los any profit and then hopefully to the top and then drop down through the breaker to another fair value gap below the 62% line. Below the liquidity and to the bottom of the next FVG a 1.657


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