Edgeless is going up

BITTREX:EDGBTC   Edgeware / Bitcoin
Every signal you could wish for, they are all pointing the same direction ;-)
Trade active: Still holding - volume continues to come in.

Trade active: nice tightening of the Bollinger band with a move to the upside. Of all the BTC vs ALTs, very few are this far below the 50 day moving average. EMC, MLN, ARK MDA are a few obvious ones perhaps ARK too.

Trade active: Once again we find ourselves above and holding support on the 21-day moving average with tightening Bollinger Bands indicating a big move is imminent.

What's different from the last update? RSI is holding previous support @ 45+

Comment: Now I'm asking myself why I did not pay attention to the death cross on the first chart... Sorry folks.

Will continue to hold in the hope of better days ahead. All massively oversold.

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