1. Eduspec announces that they are planning for a private placement up to 20%. Wow, this literally giving a big controlling stake to whoever the future potential investor is.
IMHO, i think they really need new blood to inject fresh capital and business opportunity to revive the company back to a healthy stock price.

2. Even at 0.015 - 0.020 price, there were days when the volume suddenly spike massively. But due to huge overall outstanding stocks, it is going to take a massive capital to push this stock upwards.

3. Their closest counterpart in the education line, MYX:SASBADI , recently seen a massive spike in the stock price even without any apparent good news.

4. Even the top rubber glove producer, MYX:TOPGLOV bought a stake in MYX:MINDA , another education provider.

With Covid19 still lingering in the horizon (when this epidemic going to end???), is virtual learning the latest new normal and theme for Malaysia education system?

This information only serves as reference information and does not constitute a buy or sell call. Conduct your own research and assessment before deciding to buy or sell any stock
Comment: Still sleeping....ZZZZZZZZZZZ

Recently just bought over an licensed E-gaming company. Detail from bursa website.

The Board of Directors of Eduspec Holdings Berhad (“EHB” or “Purchaser” or “Company”) wishes to announce that EHB had on 19 May 2021 entered into an Agreement with Mr Lee Wee Terk (“Vendor”) to acquire 2,000 ordinary shares in Get Success Sdn Bhd (“Get Success”) representing 20% of the issued share capital of Get Success (“Sale Shares”) for a consideration of Ringgit Malaysia Six Million (RM6,000,000) Only (“Purchase Price”) (“Proposed Acquisition”).

Eduspec response to Bursa's query on the purchase:

Get Success is a special purpose vehicle (SPV) that owns two game engines and has licensed the rights for a social community gaming platform. The two gaming engines have been developed with different IPs for popular Strategy Game (SLG) in china and globally. The game play has similar features as compared to the likes Clash of Kings and The Last Shelter Survival. These game engines will be used to publish new game titles for South East Asia markets

The following are the financial information of Get Success:
Loss after taxation RM3,274
Negative Net assets RM8,107

Will need to see whether this coming e-gaming platform can fly or not since it is 20% for RM6 million means the GET SUCCESS SDN BHD is valued at RM30million!!

Hmm..maybe because GET SUCCESS is an licensing company, might explain why the SDN BHD is not profitable.