Trendlines Tell a Story Here...

One of the cleanest trend-line charts. (Almost to the pennies here). Really liking this for a push up to upper ascending trend-line. Volume coming in and still within BB's. Perhaps a rebound back down to lower ascending trend-line. OR perhaps consolidation and a PUNCH through. Excited to see how this one pans out. I'm currently in long. With intent to partial out some at upper trend-line.
Comment: To clarify my written post above. If we see price action to hit upper ascending trend-line... It is at that point we perhaps rebound back down to lower ascending trend-line...OR perhaps consolidation and a PUNCH through to higher highs.


YOUR UPPER SHORT (longer term?) Target of 46ish.. seems relevant ~!
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SpoTT77.. LIKE your thinking... Brad Thomas (iREIT) got me looking at your work which has been responsible for a small but BUILDING position in the stock.. AS YOU SAY.. looking for this one to PROVE ITSELF.. as biggest single position is in EXXON *XOM.. I LIKE YOUR WORK AND APPRECIATE YOUR THOUGHTS.. THANK YOU FOR YOUR MARVELOUS WORK~! Doug
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