A decent buy and hold level for ENB - Deep value

I do own ENB , and I continue to add, but I wish I had been more patient in the last few months, but a dividend btw 7.5-9% is attractive for something that I will try to hold for 5-10 years if ENB continues to look strong financially. I Will purchase more near 34.50-ish region if we see those prices, call it a "fantasy order". Transferring cash and placing order today, will add more cash and increase order size as capital increases over the next few weeks. https://stockchase.com/company/view/430/... > 60% payout ratio is of course not ideal, but in this sector, it's not half bad. Will increase position size by 20% at 34.55 if that price becomes available, which will take into account an attempt to violate the market structure based on the weekly trend line support.
Comment: Will probably buy more on a dip. Also this, anyone that bought last year and held is now getting 0.04 extra per share per quarter with the dividend increase that just went through...
...You're welcome!