Enjin Coin Daily & Weekly Analysis

BINANCE:ENJUSDT   Enjin Coin / TetherUS
I did the weekly and daily analysis of Enjin Coin. I think the rising trend will continue, so I took a position in the 1.60 region for the targets I specified.
Those who wish can place orders in the $1.45 - $1.60 region, and those who wish can buy markets. Let everyone manage their own risk.

$1,780 can be considered as a profit buying point for short-term traders and those who want to open a long position.
However, I do spot purchases. I am considering placing split orders in the $2,192 - $2,645 zones.
Those who wish can take the main money in these regions and put a stop to the entry area to follow the continuation.

It is not investment advice. Those who want can evaluate it at their own decision.