ENJUSDT , what should we do now ?

BINANCE:ENJUSDT   Enjin Coin / TetherUS
Hello guys

whats up ? everything is okey ?

We are faced with a complicated chart
The trend of chart is downward trend and in here we are encounter with the first support
when the trend is downward we should take short position but because of market that is bullish in few months later we should buy and hold and take long position in sensitive area

Futures traders should take short position if first break and pullback then take short until reach second resistance if you wanna take long position wait until the trend want to change and after that you can take long position

For holders : guys buy some of ENJ in every support area and hold it until the last resistance break then you can sell it
ENJ coin is one of the best coin in crypto ( its base for games )
Fundamental is important

dont forget stop loss
if you have any question ask me with send me mesaages

Good Luck