ENS “Dao token” back to 3$

KUCOIN:ENSUSDT   Ethereum Name Service / Tether
This ponzi called ens came out this week and I think it’s going to be one of these pump and dump style coins coming into the market with a bang and then slowly bleeding to single digits. What I would like to do is wait for Coinbase to list ens and short the hell out of it after the next mega pump! If this ponzi pumps to $65 again then short it, it’s litterally worthless, these delusional kids think a domain registrar is worth billions, haha well your gonna see what it’s worth soon after all the insiders that got tens of thousands of free tokens dump on you idiots that came in and bought it after they airdropped it to an entire community who just lost their asses buying ponzi jpegs for ungodly amounts of money.