BINANCE:EOSPERP   EOS Perpetual Futures Contract
100 trades crypto series
Starting date: 9/August/2021
Day 4
Starting capital: $500
Capital at present: $583
Trade nr . 14
(all trading ideas in the series with commentary and outcome can be found on my profile)

As bitcoin sentiment turned a little bit to the bearish side all my today's trades were SHORT.

Also I was luck enough to catch the BTC market cap dominance rising in a short term which was also a good indicator that alts will bleed.

As I am looking now, it is probably the weakest trade I made, because of the many bullish points.


-Mega strong selloff made me believe that we are going down.
-bear flag


-Strong bull wicks at the bottom of the range
-Strong support zone (blue line) haven't been breached (only have by wicks)
-Might convert to a trading range instead of another leg down.

From the retrospect, the stop was incorrect, but i decided to extend my stop/loss manually and see what will happen (decided to risk some more money)
Better entry probably would be at the 50% retracement rejection.

Trade closed: target reached: profit 21$