EOSUSD 18 JUNE 2022 (Hard lessons/ opinion)

I challenge you to do a youtube search for 100 dollar EOS and see what you come up with. Do this for any coin/token of your choosing. Take note of the people making these preposterous claims and never forget how dangerous the internet is if you allow yourself to walk into traps.

EOS is less than 1 USD. Hopefully you didn't ride this all thee way down.

Will it hit volume and rip to the upside? Not sure. But I would air on the side of "no"

If there is anything we should all remember is that taking financial advice or medical advice from a random stranger on the internet is a terrible ,TERRIBLE idea. I myself have been there. Was there in 2018 then saw it start again on this last bull run. I was warned by many yet was blinded by my emotions and the internets enthusiasm. Sometimes we all have to learn the hard way and the only time you should be embarrassed is if you make the same mistake twice. Don't.

The only person in this world that is looking out for you is you and your loved ones. Never trust the internet. There is no buy in for the person on the other side. If you lose everything, they lose nothing and they can never be held accountable. Be accountable for yourself.

Trading is an art and a science. There are no free rides. It's work. It's time. Its patience. Its absolute control over ones emotions. You have to be able to block out all the noise and stay focused. BASE HITS win the game here. Not home runs. You might hit a home run once in awhile, but don't mistake a home run for trading. A home run in trading is the exception, not the rule.

The banking class has billions of dollars. They run this game. Not you nor I. They control the movement of money. There is little to no exception to this. They have billions at stake and they are not here to lose. They have no sympathy for you or your financial situation. They do not care if its your last 100 dollars, they will take it from you without hesitation. This is the most important thing to understand about technical analysis . Once you can accept this, you can learn.

They are educated in all the rules... they make the rules. They have the law on their side and make the laws. They hire top of the line technicians and use the newest state of the art computers to trade. These computers do not feel emotion. They do not sleep. They do not complain. They do not eat... and they are there to beat you for as long as you allow it to. They are going to do what they want to do. If you want to trade you need to understand how these things work and it takes practice. It is an attainable and trainable skill, but does take some time.

if you want to dedicate the time to learn it, that is indeed possible. But if you do not, then find a financial advisor that is bound by law to protect your money and where it is in his or her best interest to see that you are making money. This is the smart thing to do. You can open your own business. You can train in finance yourself. You can work your way into banking if you wanted to. Bur whatever you do, always be mindful of the internet and its dark corners. Always assume the worst and stay vigilant. I can only say this because i have indeed been sucked in myself.

I use EOS as an example a lot of the time. In 2018 it was in the top 5-10 crypto tokens. There was a lot of hype surrounding it. I initially bought in at around 2 usd and rode it up to 18 dollars or so. I made the novice mistake of not cutting loose when I was in profit and gave the majority of my earnings back. I will not say what those profits were... but they were a lot. More money than I have ever had at any point in my lifetime for sure. There were commentators on YouTube convinced that it would reach 100 dollars... even 1000. I was blinded by my greed and walked away with nothing because I took someone elses enthusiasm for fact.

Because of these losses I wanted to understand why this happened. So by chance I found volume analysis and supply and demand trading. I studied it for hours and hours a day for the last 3-4 years. I can generally see the move coming or not based on volume . Indeed there are other variables to consider but volume is the only indicator that works... but you need to practice with it.

Anyway.. i would call what I wrote above actual financial advice. My advice being, dont fall for anyones BS. You need to be smarter than that and you likely are. It's just up to you if you want to put the work in. I assure you that being able to read the chart yourself is empowering and you will see through the lies and grandiose calls immediately.

You must do you though. Take responsibility for your own money and your future. If you find someone that you trust, than thats up to you if the risk is worth it. The question becomes if this person you trust will guarantee your money back if you take their bad call and lose. Is it in writing? Is there a contractual agreement? Definitely consider those things before risking your cash.

Last, if none of this applies to you than thats cool to. It is just one perspective. Again, you are responsible for yourself.

If interested in learning and learninig for free, here are the only resources that I ever used:

Sources of education:
Richard Wyckoff
Tom Williams Volume spread analysis VSA / Master the Markets
Pete Faders VSA*

Sam Seiden ( supply and demand )
Read the ticker dot com
Wyckoff analytics
Element 15 trades (bitchute/odessy)

Good luck.


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